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Window Fashion FAQ’s

What are cordless shades?

Cordless shades are manually-operated shades that have no “visible” chain or cord to operate them. Typically, there is a handle on the bottom bar of the shade that you use to lower and raise the blind.

If I break the strings on my blinds, can I get just that replaced?

Cords are replaceable on many types of blinds. However, some of the newer blinds are not. Typically, these blinds have a 5 to 7 year warranty on the cords, and if they are broken, the manufacturer will replace the blind. If I can replace the cord, I will at no charge if within the warranty period.  If the blind has to be sent back to the manufacturer, typically the customer pays for shipping one-way.

How long does it take for my blinds to arrive after I order?

Usually you can count on about 3 weeks, unless there is a back order of some sort, or if it is a specialty blind.

Should I install my blinds within the jamb or on the outside?

I try to mount on the inside as much as possible. However, older homes usually have shallow jambs, and need to be outside-mounted. We will review this when I am doing estimates with you in your home.

Can a tear in a roller blind be repaired?

I would like to say yes, but the answer is usually no. A tear is unusual and as such, often, is considered outside of the manufacturer warranty.

How do I clean my blinds?

Solar roller shades can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Cellular shades can be kept clean by using a dusting cloth or “Swiffer” type cleaner, or by using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. Venetian blinds, and faux wood blinds can be washed, but I recommend that they be cleaned ultra-sonically (Ultra-sonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to remove dirt. Google “ultrasonic blind cleaning” to find a service centre near you).

Are motorized blinds expensive?

Yes and no. You can order motorized blinds for under $100 on top of the cost of the blind. There are also battery-powered blinds that use a hand-held remote, that usually add $250 or more to the cost of the blind. With the latest in battery technology advance, blinds can be pretty large and still work with a remote control and batteries.

What is the best blind for insulation value?

Cellular shades have R values from 4.5 to 6, which helps with both your heating and air conditioning. This does not apply to sheer cellular blinds, which don’t have the same insulating factors as they are very open weaved. Cellular shades are a fabric that are honeycomb shaped. They are white on the outside, and this reflects the heat and also meets condo and strata colour restrictions. There are dozens of colours to match the inside of your home.

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